Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Ok I have been telling you why February is so memorable for me. Well today is another important event in my Life. 22 years ago on February 14, 1988 my husband and I got married. We had a small ceremony in my mom's home surrounded by our closest friends and family. It was a truly amazing way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Ok I'm the romantic one. For my husband it just meant 1 less gift to buy. lol.
We spent the day by going out for breakfast. Our weekly treat for ourselves, and then came home and I spent most of the afternoon on the computer while he caught up on some much needed rest. Although I have to say he did take the time to take some pictures of my jewelry for me so I could post them on Etsy. He's very supportive of my jewelry making and helps me out with the pictures (he doesn't think I do a very good job. lol) He also helps me with craft shows that I do during the year if he's not at work. So all in all it was a very good Valentine's Day and Anniversary because we spent the day doing what we enjoy. Who could ask for more.

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